Friday, November 1, 2013


As many people have argued that Singer Chris Tomlin is a Christian,
We decided to take our time & show that 
Chris Tomlin is satanic to the core.

Chris Tomlin is a Freemason masquerading as a Christian to fool many people.






Chris Tomlin's page cover photo for his album Burning Lights, looks normal to most.
Until it's pointed out to you that the telephone pole forming a Cross of Lorraine is satanic.

Notice the way is was smartly included in the background



In a concert called  "Don't Ever Stop - Passion 2014 Houston"
Chris Tomlin can be seen clearly displaying 666 at the beginning.


Chris Tomlins recording label is called SIX STEPS RECORDS.
Just the name on it's own should send out alarm bells, but his record label's name is for more satanic than that.

The number 6 is known to be satanic.
The Recording Labels logo actually say's 666.

First ask yourself why is it called 6 stones?

The company logo is ontop (in pic below) 
and we marked out the 3rd hidden 6, in yellow.
So with the 6 stones visible
The 6 in the name, we have 666


Below is a satanic Knights Templar Cross which is a Degree in Freemasonry.





In Freemasonry they get their light from the east
which God explicitly say's He hates.

Because God's throne is in the North, when you face the east in worship
you turn your back on God.

 Ezekiel 8 (KJV)

15 Then said he unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man? 
turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations than these.

16 And he brought me into the inner court of the Lord's house, and, 
behold, at the door of the temple of the Lord, between the porch and the altar, 
were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the Lord, 
and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east.


God's Throne is in the North, that's why Satan wanted to set up his throne there.

 Isaiah 14 (KJV)

12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! 
how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, 
I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: 
I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:


This is a Masonic Scarf (Muffler) with a Freemason Lodge Logo below it.
Notice they both refer to light from the east and to look to the east.
The Lodge's name is "Light From the East"





The morning he is referring to is the Sun in the East



The Freemason god has one eye (disabled god it is)
So freemason's use one eye to indicate their god, like the one eye on the dollar.

So what Freemason's do to show they worship the satanic masonic god,
they cover one eye 

Or make one eye dark and the other eye in light.

The eye in light is considered to be Illuminated, hence the word ILLUMINATI



His video titled "Jesus, This Is You" is full of Occults Pyramids


A colleague while browsing YOUTUBE videos, came across one that had a picture of one of his album covers and froze.
The album cover is full of masonic symbology.
This can only mean that CHRIS TOMLIN IS A FREEMASON.

The unsettling album cover is
"AND IF OUR GOD IS FOR US..."  seen below.

To the most people it looks okay.
Looking at it with spiritual discernment and knowledge, a lot looks amiss and 

1] The light in the background is above a pyramid outline,
like the EYE OF HORUS.
This is an occult symbol used by Freemasons.
The lines of the floor edges form the pyramid outline.

Now compare it to the masonic symbol side by side

2] Not only that is wrong.
When you look at the light, it is coming out of darkness.
The picture is actually saying also “OUT OF DARKNESS COMES LIGHT”. 

This is an occultic phrase.

As Our Lord has never been in darkness and will never be in darkness.
Neither does Our Lord Jesus come from darkness.

This demonic phrase “OUT OF DARKNESS COMES LIGHT”, should not be confused with

2 Corinthians 4:6
For God, who commanded the light to SHINE OUT of darkness, hath shined in our hearts.

2 Corinthians 4:6, says that God commands Light to SHINE out of darkness, it does not COME out of darkness and will NEVER.

Just like the occult phrase “OUT OF CHAOS COMES ORDER”,
which is similar to

This the Freemason's perverted from the book of Genesis .
The Chaos is the
 "earth was without form, and void".
The Order is " Let there be light:"

Genesis 1 (KJV)
1] In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
2] And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
3] And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

See it's a Masonic Phrase


What does God being for us have to do with light in a tunnel ???


1]Listen to his song Awakening - Chris Tomlin - Passion 2010,
at  2:47 and 3:10 and 4:04 (time), he say's "like Light from darkness."

"Like Light from darkness." is another way of saying  “OUT OF DARKNESS COMES LIGHT”

See the youtube song at 
2:47 and 3:10 and 4:04

2] Listen to his song "Our God is Greater" at 0:39 and at 1:24

He say's "RISE OUT OF ASHES" is another very demonic saying.

The concept of “RISE OUT OF ASHES” comes from ancient Egyptian mythology.
What “RISES OUT OF ASHES” is the soul of the sun god Ra, or Osiris,
in the form of a Phoenix bird.

The Rising Out of Ashes refers to the Devil.


Due to it's Egyptian mythological & satanic roots Freemasons love the Phoenix bird.
Many of their Logos have the Phoenix.
Notice it's rising from ashes.

Here is his Song at 0:35 and at 1:25

Bearing all this in mind we can see that "Our God is Greater" is not referring to Jesus

Read for yourself how satanic the phrase is.

Chris Tomlin can be seen below display masonic sign of the Fist in the Air, just like other mason's do in the picture beside him.






  1. Raising your hands is a sign of worship. Many people clench their fists when worshipping. That is all he is doing. He is one of the greatest singers and worship leaders I've ever seen. I love him and his concerts are so great! They are pretty much the only ones I'll go to. Him and Louie Giglio are a great team.

    1. Where in the bible do you read 'light from darkness?"
      "Rise out of Ashes"
      Both are occult based showing you the basis of Tomlin songs.

      Explain his album cover???

      You are most likely a Freemason

    2. There is no such thing about any sign being a token of worship in the Bible. Jesus said that we should worship God in spirit and in truth - not with signs or symbols. (John 4:23)

      Wikipedia says the following of the raised clenched fist:

      Assyrian depictions of the goddess Ishtar show her raising a clenched fist.[2] A raised fist was used as a logo by the Industrial Workers of the World[3] in 1917. The graphic symbol was popularized in 1948 by Taller de Gráfica Popular, a print shop in Mexico that used art to advance revolutionary social causes.[4] The symbol has been picked up and incorporated around the world by various groups who perceive they are oppressed.

      The image gallery shows how a raised fist is used in visual communication. Combined with another graphic element, a raised fist is used to convey polysemous gestures and opposing forces.[5] Depending on the elements combined, the meaning of the gesture changes in tone and intention. For example, a hammer and sickle combined with a raised fist is part of communist symbolism, while the same fist combined with a Venus symbol represents Feminism, and combined with a book, it represents librarians.

      Why do you want to associate the God of the Bible with rebellion and Communism?

    3. God makes all things work for good . Jesus he loves me he loves me he is for me . If he was Illuminati then he is doing a lousy job for them . I fist pump to and I don't know anything about Masonry . They're trying to say every shape every color is Illuminati just to turn people away and create a state of distrust all I know is JESUS he loves me he loves me he is for me .

    4. Mr we know Freemasonry well so listen to us.

      Chris Tomlin is a Freemason, there is a wealth of info here to back the fact he is a Freemason.

      This his video is full of Pyramids.

    5. A sign of worship is an open hand that is raised. This is a sign of surrender & hunility. A fist is something completely different.

    6. Jesus said that we should worship God in spirit and in truth and not with clenched fists.

    7. Shocking, simply shocking! I liked his music so much. What a disappointment
      The world should wake up

  2. Hello Hannah,

    I am agree with your point that raising your hands is a good sing of worship god and Chris Tomlin also a great singer.

    Deleon Richards

  3. Very good point! Chris Tomlin, M.W. Smith, Newsboys, Jacy Velasquez, tobyMac, Hillsong and a lot of "christian" artists and bands are in the illuminati, no question about that!

    1. yep they are and many Christians are naive.

    2. Will you please post the evidence that you are basing your statement upon? I am curious. I like to read information about bring it before the Lord before making a decision. I've listened to all of those artists and if any of them are in fact part of the illuminati, I'd like to know for sure. Thank you.

  4. YOU have too much time on your hands... Chris Tomlin is a great worship singer.. sad to see people taring down Gods anointed..................

    1. Why does he have masonic symbols on his album?

      Where did he get that we rise from ashes from?

      It's not in the bible.

    2. Hello friend,
      Don't be so quick to assume this is a "tearing" down. We are called to be watchful. The Bible warns us of the following:
      - Matthew 7:15, "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."
      - 1 Thessalonians 5:22, "Abstain from all appearance of evil."
      - 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works."

      I agree that he has a God given talent & Mr Tomlin has a wonderful singing voice. I also agree that raising your hands is a
      humbling form of worship & surrender (I do this myself) but I am quite puzzled by the clenched fist. I'm not sure about this one, but when I raise my hands to worship, my palms are normally
      open & faced up towards heaven. Anyhow, I believe it
      is important that we, as followers of Jesus Christ, know that his heart is authentic in his worship.
      - Proverbs 4:23 , "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."

      If this was an accident, we shouldn't be seeing a pattern of occult/satanic/freemasonry signs & symbolism on ANY of his future work. This is the way the enemy begins; slowly & quietly. Once enough people are indoctrinated, it is easier to fool them into believing nothing is wrong. I urge everyone here to go BACK to THE WORD. Pray for discernment friends. Jesus is coming back; let's not miss Him becayse we have been fooled by the enemy!

      PS: Great work, Emperor Under The King.
      In Christ,

  5. In my point of view Chris Tomlin is a sensational gospel singer and raising your hands is a good sign of worship lord Jesus. Thanks for sharing your great innovative information.

    Deleon Richards Sheffield

    1. Please explain the satanic verses & satanic cover of his album?

    2. Hey dude, it's all about God and is there something else you can do better? Get lost man. He's a good song writer and Christian

    3. Raising your hands is not worship. You can raise your hands as high as you want to, it is not worship. To worship God, you must worship Him in spirit and in truth. In spirit means you must be born-again and in truth means the Spirit of truth (the Holy Spirit) must lead you in worship.

    4. Thanks for that!
      many are seeing but cannot perceive as the bible said.

      Matthew 13:14 And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive:

    5. If the less known is not enough then go look at his Twitter account and see whom he follows-His "Holiness" himself, the False Prophet antichrist Catholic Church. THAT should be enough to sway you away from this deceiver.

    6. for emperor the king.. well, as I can say..out of the ashes means out of clay or dust. Gen 2:7. and God formed man out of the dust of the ground and breathe into His nostrils the breathe of life. we, human, are made out of dusts.

    7. @Tamara Cruz
      Ash and clay are different.

      We do not rise out of clay either.

      We do not rise out of ash too.

  6. This article makes me sick to my stomach, as a designer, I cannot see this 'illuminati pyramid' that your reading into his album, and... Even if somehow you can, it could've easily been an error in the design they simply never noticed. I think suspicion and gossip ruins the name Of Christ. If you have some serious concerns, e-Mail Chris/Louie, or go to they're church(I was there ) please don't post blogs trying to ruin peaple seeking to lift u Christ.
    Yes we need discernment, I agree. In fact I wasn't a huge fan until I went to his concert. Believe me, this man is anointed by The Lord.

    1. We had to mark out the pyramid shape just you.
      We also updated the article.

      We don't know what you felt at his concert but be rest assured it was not Jesus that you felt.
      The man is an agent of satan.
      Evidence we list here now is overwhelming.

    2. Hi it looks to me like there is one hundred percent some works of freemasonry here, but whos to say number 1: he writes his own songs no2 his music team arent freemsons tricking him, and number 3: the hand gestures werent just co incidental?

  7. I don't understand... if he's part of the "illuminati" then why would he even waste almost his whole life leading people to God?? And how can you say that he's illuminati just because of the album cover.... or some phrases in his songs.... he is clearly a great worship leader... and please, instead of thinking that everything (everyone) around us are illuminati... just think that everything is filled with God's glory.. because it really is..

    1. H'es not wasting his time and neither is he leading people to God. The only thing he's doing is to make a helluva lot of money.

      Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children: Which have forsaken the right way, and are gone astray, following the way of Balaam the son of Bosor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness; (2 Peter 2:14-15).

      Adultery in this sense is spiritual adultery steeped in the Illuminati.

    2. Is he leading people to Jesus as you think or is he like the Pharisee as Jesus described?

      Matthew 23:27
      Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness.

      I used to love Chris Tomlin like u, until I noicec his album cover.



    -and that is how you sound, truth be told-

    1. Hello
      We are called Emperor and we are under the King of Kings.
      That's why are link address is Emperor UNDER the King, the King is Jesus.

    2. Wake up! I see that Satan has got you by his grip. Read about the Masons and the Illuminati goes back centuries. Read your Bible. Hopefully you will get it eventually

    3. Emperor? As in emperor of what? Your own little world? Taking the place of God as ruler of your life? Strange

    4. Oh and BTW get ur facts right before opening ur mouth. That's not the cover of burning lights

    5. Emperor? As in emperor of what? Your own little world? Taking the place of God as ruler of your life? Strange

    6. We are called Emperor Under The "King".
      Under the King means under God, as Jesus is Our King

      Psalm 47:7
      For God is the King of all the earth.

      The Bible calls God "King of kings"
      we are kings under the King OR Emperor under the King!

      Revelation 19:16
      And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, King Of Kings.

      Got it now?

  9. Into the darkness you shine out of the ashes we rise there's no one like you lyrics from Our God that cover for his album is only showing that even though the darkness covers us we still shine bright

  10. God is a light in the darkness - John 1... God must be part of the Illuminati too... O_O

    1. "This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all." (1 John 1:5)

      The Illuminati's message is that light proceeds from darkness; darkness is therefore the originator of light.

      Darkness is merely the absence of light.

      This seems to apply to you.

      "And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil."(John 3:19)

    2. There is a different, Jesus is a light who RISES IN DARKNESS.

      He does NOT COME PUT OF DARKNESS, the two are different.

  11. Then can you please tell me who are those true christian artists nowadays? I used to listen to the songs of the Hillsongs, Chris Tomlin, Michael Smith etc but have read that they are illuminatti..I dont know now what songs to listen to. Please help me....

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Emperor Under The King - you are full of nonsense - I see a light at the end of a tunnel and that is it. The Bible tells us that we will be known from the fruit we bear - Chris Tomlin has lead more sinners to Christ than most pastors I know - he bears good fruit.
      Louis Giglio is no fool and he wont put up with Chris if what you say is true.

    3. dont listen to any ccm music its that simple . you dont need it

    4. We trust the update has proven to you that chris tomlin is a satanist

    5. Michael Card and Songs-of-Korah(they sing only Psalms) are two good Christian singers/group I am ware of.

    6. Only one Christian band I know of that can be trusted is casting crowns. I've done a lot of research on "Christian" artists and they are the only ones I have found that are genuine Christians and really seem to have a heart for God.
      And yes, I agree chris tomlin is an AMAZING artist with great talent. He has been my favorite artist for many years. I understand that this new information is shocking and hard for some to believe but I encourage everyone to at least be partially open to this news. I feel this matter is each individuals own choice. I encourage everyone to pray about this matter. There are other sites as well that can back up some of this evidence but it is a choice between the individual and God. My brothers and sisters in Christ, again I encourage you to ask God for discernment and may God bless you!
      Emporor under the king, can you please post about the newsboys? I've been trying to find information on them for months. Thank you for posting this article and for trying to warn people about false prophets and for being brave enough to take a stand for what's right even when others may criticize.

    7. Yes they all are in the occult.

      Ron Kenoly to the best of my knowledge are okay.

      keep clear if Kirk Franklin, Kirk Wahlum , Donny Maculkin & Marvi Sapp they are all freemasons.

      We just discovered that Don Moen is a Freemason
      will write on it this Jan 2016

    8. Why don't you listen to the beautiful God-exalting hymns and psalms? Look them up on youtube. Seasamonte puts many lovely soongs on. Michael Card sounds right. I don't much care about symbols and such, but how anyone can stand Chris Tomiln's effected voice is beyond me. He does not sound sincere. I had no idea who he was at first but my hand would just fly to turn of my radio when he came on, it all sounds so put on. Please steep yourself in Scripture and prayer, ask God. His sheep hear his voice and a strangers voice will they not follow.

  12. Okay.. are you seriously questioning this man and his great works in the Christian music industry? Look, first off, raising you hands like him and all other Christians do is a little thing called "worship", second of all, there are no "satanic" verses or demonic words in his music. "Out of the darkness comes light", or "out of the ashes we rise" are two very similar things... When we get into worldly things like drugs, and alcohol, and murder.. God is the one that can rise us up from our darkest sins, he can show us the "light at the end of this tunnel" (which is another Christian song) so out of the ashes (sin) God will rise us up, show us the light and guide us out of the darkness to salvation (light) because God is for each of us, he loves us and all we have to do is "call upon the name of The Lord and be saved" Romans 10:13... Jesus did the same thing when he died and rose again, he died, became sin, got put into the darkness of the tomb, then he arose and walked out of the tomb into the light on the 3rd day. So Chris Tomlin is referring to Jesus as well just like he does in every song he writes and sings. A great man of God he is!!! I'll pray for the people that wrote this Blog, and I hope that God can show all of you the light of salvation as well! Thanks

    1. " Christian Music Industry indeed" Right there you should know something is fishy. The great songs and hymns of the Faith were written by people going through all kinds of trials and tribulation. They did not make money of off them. Chris Tomlin is a millionaire a couple times over. Freely you have received, freely give. The songs which bless me were written under the burden and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, not someone churning out the ear tickling, shallow stuff for money that our society are going after today.

  13. Okay.. are you seriously questioning this man and his great works in the Christian music industry? Look, first off, raising you hands like him and all other Christians do is a little thing called "worship", second of all, there are no "satanic" verses or demonic words in his music. "Out of the darkness comes light", or "out of the ashes we rise" are two very similar things... When we get into worldly things like drugs, and alcohol, and murder.. God is the one that can rise us up from our darkest sins, he can show us the "light at the end of this tunnel" (which is another Christian song) so out of the ashes (sin) God will rise us up, show us the light and guide us out of the darkness to salvation (light) because God is for each of us, he loves us and all we have to do is "call upon the name of The Lord and be saved" Romans 10:13... Jesus did the same thing when he died and rose again, he died, became sin, got put into the darkness of the tomb, then he arose and walked out of the tomb into the light on the 3rd day. So Chris Tomlin is referring to Jesus as well just like he does in every song he writes and sings. A great man of God he is!!! I'll pray for the people that wrote this Blog, and I hope that God can show all of you the light of salvation as well! Thank

    1. We are not questioning we know that Chris Tomlin is satanic.
      We updated it to show that this man is not of God.

      Christians do not rise out of ashes that's why there is no reference to it in the bible.

      Jesus did not suffer rot, so did not rise out of ashes at all.

      Acts 2:27 (KJV)
      Because thou wilt not leave my soul in hell, neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption.

      Chris Tomlin was singing about Satan there.

    2. I gotta say this and i would rather be wrong. I saw him in concert tonight. I am very aware of the satanic hand signs. I've been studying the illuminati deception for years. Chris Tomlin flashed the devil horns with both hands very quicky. I saw it with my own eyes and couldn't believe it. For him not to know what it means would be out of the question. And both hands at the same time. I really hope it was fluke but it lead me to reasearch this theory which is how I landed here on this site.

    3. @empireuniverse Its nice you've seen it yourself but the evidence is overwhelming.
      Its unfortunate that these false gospel singer only see us as money bags

  14. okay, as far as I know putting up your arms with open hands is a sign of surrender, with open hands, no closed fists! Uhm I've never been in church where people throw up closed fists why...would he do that, but that doesn't matter really I see the pyramid on the album, anyway, guys pray about the matter if you have your doubts...The Holy Spirit will lead you to the right answer, concerning he is a free mason we wouldn't know we have no definite evidence, we'll only see the true worshippers of Christ when He returns. So pray about the matter do not rely on any other source than God, because if you put your faith in man don't be surprised when they disappoint, so yeah definitely pray and put your faith in God alone- amen Be blessed in YHVH's name

    1. I updated it for those who argued.
      Thanks for your contribution.

  15. gospel singers I wonder what Chris Tomlin would have to say about that. Have you tried to contact him to find out what his answer would be? Or are these just conspiracy theories of a bored mind?

    1. I think you are trying your level best to be ignorant of the evidence at hand and you are definitely being very successful.

  16. Man, that was funny... I really laugh at it... 1) there's no pyramid on that album cover... paralells are meeting in the not even has any 3D alike... any shape or anything... You're only evidence is a sentence which you interpret a misunderstood picture.. congratulazions, these so called evidences are like those in concept trials in the soviet union... the song says into the darkness you shine... why should it come from the dark... even the song sais that it goes there... on the album cover, you can only see a corridor, which ends by something brightful... it can represent many things such as life with Jesus, Truth, the moment when we meet Him, or whatso ever... but you have to throw as sson as possible stupid freemason signals, because it has to be those... congratulations one more time... so the picture... you took a picture of an every day movement saying he did it, because he's a freemason... it means you never made a fist in your entirelely life, did you?:D You've never been happy, never caught a fly, never cheered for anybody... that could be hard:D out of ashes... it symbolizes the resurrection... it's a myth, that the phoenix comes out of the ashes, than it's consumed by its own fire, turning to ashes, rising again, etc..... just a piece of advice for you: "Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven."

    1. We updated the blog with more evidence.
      The song where he refers to satan is not biblical at all, we are not in the soviet era.
      The album cover with the pyramid we have marked out since you cant see it.

      Christians dont pump fists in the air during worship boy.

      The Phoenix is known to represent satan, so please get your facts right.

      Scroll toward the last third in link to read how devilsh the Phoenix,
      From where is says "Here's a Catholic church in Spain. Jesus and ... a Phoenix bird...?!!"

  17. We must not be quick to judge but at the same time be careful. Judge not so that you will not be Judged. With His master he stands or falls. Leave him to God.

    Let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he falls. Your gesture is not what matters but the heart. Man looks on the outward, God searches the heart.

    If your spirit agrees with a song, depending on your walk/level with God, go for it if not leave it. After all, the Spirit of God within you will bare witness with your spirit. Except you are not a Born Again Child of God. And if you were wrong in your perception. He is your Father, He know how to put you back on track, if you don't rebel.

    Our God is Still Lord over all the earth, no matter the attempt of darkness to take over. Scriptures says, 'the darkness is passing away and the true light is already shines...1 John 2:8"

    1. BB, we've updated it to explain more to you.

      the bible say's we are to test every spirit.

      1 John 4:1
      Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:
      because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

      Further more the bible said we are to judge right, and that's actually a commandment.

      John 7:24
      Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

  18. The people that created this blog only approve comments they can argue against. Several times I've tried to post a comment that destroys everything this blog falsely tries to prove. Let the truth be spoken

    1. Dear Brandon, we undated it just for you.
      Sorry it took so long.

      We hope we have proved beyond doubt that Chris Tomlin is satanic

  19. Agreed, if they are selling records they are in this matter what the genre. I know it's hard to get your head around because we have been brainwashed for so long. STOP hero worshipping these people and open your eyes to the evil that is around us.

  20. OR maybe instead of your absurd claim that the album cover is a pyramid, it is showing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. See, the perspective is of someone walking in a dark tunnel (sin and death) and going towards the light (Jesus) You guys have way too much time on your hands.

  21. It's called "icing on the cake" the hand signal wasn't his only evidence it was a final point, he kept asking for clarification after the worship hands was brought up and no one had an answer

  22. Thank you for your very awesome information. I hope all eyes are no longer blind. The Lord bless and keep us all!

  23. ratshit crazy, that's what this article is.

    good laughs tho. lets do it again tomorrow.

    1. Another person just pointed out all Chris Tomlins video is full of Pyramids

  24. Chris tomlin-Jesus. this is you --> Its illuminatii too.How can people cant notice? THE PYRAMID ?!?!?!

  25. WOW
    Thanks for that, we missed that.

    We'll add it to the blog.


  26. Here's a thought that I have considered much. Possibly that when a person or organization is under the influence of the serpent, they (either knowingly, or unknowingly) cannot avoid showing, outwardly, what is under the surface. I know it may seem a little out of touch with the mainstream occult symbolism witch hunting that goes on throughout the internet and the multiple rabbit holes that we can find ourselves in, but I actually suspect that this is a way that the True Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, displays who is really on the seat of authority in one's heart. I don't necessarily subscribe to the thought that guys like Tmac, Tomlin, and many others, do this intentionally. I don't think that they really have a choice in the matter. It is like the High the virtue of his office, the truth must be revealed, and that by God who does not want us to have any respect of persons. When a person accepts the worship and status of an idol, they, in turn are under the authority of spirits that will be made manifest to the world that seeks truth. please do respond ....


    1. Spot on, Scott.
      Many of them when under the influence of their god cannot but help display whats underneath.

      We believe that Jesus is using it to show us that many will come in His name but were never of Him.

      Luke 13:27
      But he shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity.

  27. This is all very interesting but, I haven't quite decided if I like it or not.

  28. I find this article very interesting and sadly true. He does have great talents, do doubt about it. He might of been a true son of God when he started his ministry, however, in order to move up and be recognized, he had to allow certain things. Have you noticed how the music industry is filled with Illuminati? Everyone has to come out at some point with the picture of one eye, showing hand gestures representing the 666, horns, etc. The Illuminati's are in full control of the industry. They have the influence to move an artist to the top, to the bottom or to make them disappear. They promise money and power, exactly what every artist/musician/actor wants, but in return, they have to sign a "contract" giving up the right of many decisions. They give the artist some freedom to express themselves, however, they have to ably by their rules and expectations. Which is why I say that these guys might have been true to God in the beginning, however, became in love with the fame and money and became greedy and turned away from Him. The question is, who is in control of the sublime messaging in the videos, album covers, etc? Does the artist have a decision in the matter, or does the record label company control all of it? Also, when they sign the record label contract, they don't only do it for one song. They do it for many years. They pretty much give much of their life and talents to them.

    Isn't it interesting how they only date among themselves? They depart from their family members, get involved in drugs. You can argue that they spend much time along each other and can easily grow used to being around them, but how about the child stars who had their parents watching over them and are now enemies due to them trying to keep them under control?

    There are videos of some famous who were trying to get out of it, however, cant. One big one was Whitney Houston. Yes, it was know her use of drugs, however, don't you find it ironic that she died in a Jacuzzi tub in a hotel when she had paranoia in getting into one due to how discussing they are due to not know how clean/dirty they are?

    Michael Jackson after announcing at a concert that he had 1 record left and he was going to become a free man. Free from the music industry. Sad that he od. Can they all just be pure coincidences? It is time to open our eyes. We have been brainwashed all of our lives and it is very hard to see it, we have to start reading the Bible and be in a close relationship with God.

    Thank you Emperor Under The King for taking the time to post the facts, some will see and not believe, but others will.

  29. I want to hear from them myself and then I can be sure because they are not dead and can explain these statements. Christ cannot be fooled

  30. don't try to kill Christianity with your words or article, remember God will not like it if it happens that you are the agent of darkness fighting Christianity or Christ like children by posting this kind of thing, as some will not just take it, they will turn away from Christianity for life to other false religion or be atheist, be careful what you are researching and writing, truth be told for all to see. Try teaching the bible too not just feeding people's mind with disturbing articles. I Love Jesus and will follow Him to eternity, no forces on earth by His grace will distract me, like I said by Gods grace.

    1. Hello we understand your concerns.

      Jesus Himself warned us about WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING, that look genuine but have ulterior motives

      Matthew 7:15
      Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

      When Paul started his ministry he spent 3 years warning people with tears about false prophets coming.

      Acts 20
      29 For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.

      30 Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.

      31 Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears.

      The Apostle John also spoke about false prophets that have gone out to the world.

      1 John 4:1
      Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

      Obviously these false people look genuine to most, but are of the devil.

      The best revealer of all things is Him the Holy Spirit.

      If God did not want warnings to be given to the church Jesus would not have said to expose all lies of the devil

      Ephesians 5:11
      And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

      Our mandate is to let the Church of Jesus know that the devil has crept in unawares.

      Jude 1:4
      For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

      Wonder why you don't like the deception to be known.

  31. what do song do you listen to in your church,

    1. Some of us listen Don Moen, Ron Kenoly.

      These we are sure to the best of our knowledge.

      People like Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond Marvin Sapp, Donny Mackuclin avoid.

      We will do a write up on Kirk Franklin soon.

    2. ginny owens is good too

    3. We just discovered that Don Moen is a Freemason.
      Watch out for proof

    4. We now have the proof that Don Moen is a satanist and Illuminati member

  32. talk about the ones you people think or know they are real, give us their gist too. If possible list name for people to listen to that will help

  33. Brilliant article, explaining the truth behind the lies. The devil uses various artists to lead the weak astray. He wants as many souls as possible to torture in Hell. Increase your knowledge so that you will not fall prey to the deceit. Be aware of who you listen to and follow. People sell their souls for money and power. This is worthless when one is burning in Hell for eternity. There is no way out ever. Read the bible and truth with wisdom will help you. Eternal life awaits for those who follow the Sovereign Lord. Choose eternal life not eternal death.

  34. I heard "Our God Is Greater" on a local Contemporary Christian station yesterday while I was driving. When I heard the lyric "out of the ashes we rise...", I immediately turned to my wife and said, "what is talking about?". In a way, it was my gut reaction. It disturbed me the rest of the day, so I googled the line to see if anyone else felt disturbed as well (which is how I came across this post). I think that most people understand what "out of the ashes we rise" refers to, and there is nothing biblical about it. I'm not quick to label Tomlin a satanist, but it does raise the question "how does a CCM artist of over 20 years allow such a lyric into his music?". Granted, he doesn't write all of the songs he records and performs, but it's still puzzling and makes me more vigilant.

  35. In response to the question posted asking why a person should waste their life pretending to be a Christian. Wolf in sheep's clothing is correct. The benefit for him? To be "Rich and Famous". But, he isn't in control of his life anymore. Others rule him. He stepped from freedom into bondage, if he ever was a follower of Christ, he signed on the dotted line to put it mildly. The big picture, the collective benefit? The reason behind his fame and riches? To lead people away from the Lord. With increased frequency of occult messages in his music he will lead his followers away from the truth to confusion and lies and eventual spiritual death. If he is indeed a Mason.

    We shouldn't be blind to the devices of the enemy. I would like to believe that he is not behind the occult philosophy in his lyrics if he doesn't write them himself, or the symbolism on his album covers. A picture can be taken out of context just like a quote. If indeed he is a Mason then the occult will become more prevalent and the tree will continue to show its fruit. So much great scripture was quoted in this commentary. Burying our heads in the dirt like the ostrich will not shield us from deception. Because his albums and his lyrics have occult symbolism and philosophies, which I believe this article has proven, I will longer listen to his music.

    I mourned the loss of so many worship songs that i enjoyed as many of you do. I had to ask myself if I preferred the man, Chris Tomlin, or the Savior, Jesus Christ. I prefer the Savior Jesus Christ.

  36. Correction:

    I will NO longer listen to his music.

  37. OK,I see here so many charges,but let me ask you something.God changed my life through Chris's Tomlin music,I turned to CHRIST through Chris.Once I was so lost and God did a miracle through this man wich you accuse for being a illuminatii.My question is why God chosed Chris to bring me back to Him? if he is so bad as you afirm...God knows better and I think you people should stop judging because this is real bad.-Matthew 7:2 !!!!!!!!!! God knows better his heart and his life and He is the only one able to judge!!! God bless you all

    1. Helga it's joy to God that u came to Him.

      That his music was used as you said does not justify Tomlin.
      Jesus spoke about those who said they healed & preached His name, yet Jesus reply was that He did not know them.

      Matthew 7 (KJV)
      22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

      23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

      God Himself commanded us to judge properly and not according to how it appears.

      John 7:24
      Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

      Finally if God did not want us to judge then why give us a spirit to discern?

      1 Corinthians 12
      4 Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.

      10 To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy;

      Remember we are asked to judge right in John 7:24
      and looking at Chris Tomlin it's clear he is a Freemason.

      We hope we have answered your questions

    2. Hi Helga,

      The Bible says, "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." (Rom 10:17)

      We get saved when we hear the unadulterated Gospel preached to us and respond in faith to it. Would you mind telling us what you mean by a "changed life?" Please don;t misunderstand me. I am not asking you to tell us about all the bad things you did in the past and have now stopped doing them. I am asking you to tell us how you were saved.

  38. Emperor under the king, is there a phone number to reach you? I wish to speak to you. I'm in complete agreement and want to share a testimony to further your truth. Please advise here how to reach you. If possible.

    1. Some of us are in Europe, Some in the UK and few in 9ja.
      where will u want to call?
      or give us ur number to call .
      Send it to

    2. What other Musics are bad? Newsboys, hillsongs,Castng crowns,jason castro, Francesca battistelli?

    3. Hillsong is coming out to support homosexuality.
      Newboys are devlish, their lead singer was with "DC Talk" a known illuminati group. Google for it.
      The rest we dont know yet.

  39. If Satan and his demons can masquerade as angels of light, then why can't wolves in sheep clothing masquerade as Christians?

  40. This is heartbreaking...I hope you guys a are wrong about Don Moen.
    These are guys we have listened to for years! What's going on???

  41. Thx for opening my eyes, I really needed to read that.

  42. I have to disappoint you. All world's religions are made by satanists. Old Testament's god is Satan. Look at Orthodox Christian cross. It's the same as Cross of Lorraine. Remember christian ritual of eating god's flesh (bread) and drinking god's blood (wine). That is absolutely satanic rite. Only few slavic people still remember true gods - study slavic paganism.

    1. Hilarious, the God of the Old testament is the Creator of Heaven & Earth.
      He is the same in the New Testament.

      Anyways that's for lightening the mood with comical views

  43. Is Hillsong Young and Free, Planetshakers, Darlene Zschech,Casting Crowns, Kari Jobe, Lecrae,Bethel Music, Lincoln Brewster and Jesus Culture are Illuminati??? ;(

    1. Hillsong & is into satanic doctrines.
      Lecrae is deep into the occult see.

      The rest we dont know but will look into them soon


      You might want to take a look at that! I notice a lot of CCM artists are Catholic or some other ecumenical religion.

  44. For me, what is important is not the singer or the song itself, but the heart and the faith we put on our heart, mind, and mouth when we sing the song

    1. Nice point but the problem is that being freemason's means you wont really love Jesus, so the songs are really demonic.

      Like one of his songs where he makes reference to satanic things.
      We pointed it out above in section "SATANIC REFERENCES IN HIS SONGS"

  45. Dicky finus said it's not the singer or song but the heart and faith. I think that is true. For example you can take the lyrics of the song "Jesus saves, he is king, my redeemer" (4 example...don't know actual lyrics because I'm not a fan) and give Him praise but leave out stupid things like out of ashes we rise, or out of darkness comes light.
    Now you can worship him in your heart without the demonic stuff. It's cleaned. Afterall, most songs recycle the same chords, and you certify each word/verse of the song yoursef.
    Of course, it may not always work because there can be some things you'll miss. Like some evil is spiritual and cannot be seen in lyrics or album cover symbology,but can be spiritually tainted in the song, ie spirits of lust,rebellion, etc.
    but i also think a lot of that stuff falls out when you're not singing along to the song, but you're playing the music yourself and singing with your own voice (s) like by yourself or with church or friends.

    I think the best is to make your own songs because that's the most sure you can be that the song is not demonic. Songs aren't hard to make and your worship certainly shouldn't depend on other singers or songs or others in general.

    God wants your heart and maybe chris t. Helps you give your heart to Him,great. But beware that hearts can be led astray. Maybe he will reveal himself more later on. Just keep praying, studying, praising, obeying,and keeping in the spirit, and waiting for Jesus. He will lead you.

  46. I have been to a few Chris Tomlin concert and I must admit at times it felt a little off. It felt like people were worshipping Chris Tomlin instead of Jesus
    I don't know if he is a Freemason or what but we need to pray for him and other artist like him in the Christian music industry
    It is fine to make others aware what is going on but let's keep it so that we are keeping him in prayer. God can turn around anyone look what he did with the apostle Paul.
    Yes these are people are professing to be Christians so if they are not let's pray the Lord will convinct them and they will change

  47. Vey interesting thank you for opening my eyes.Wondeing what your thoughs are on Francesca Battistelli has she also fallen inti the illuminati trap?

    1. We dont know who Francesca Battistelli.
      Once we find out we shall update you

    2. When I used to listen to CCM, I never liked Francesca's music. The first song I ever heard from her was about losing her car keys, getting a rip in her jeans, and that she was "free to be me". I didn't like it because she does not praise the Lord in most of her music and that song sounded like the false teaching of not having to change for Christ. At least that is how it sounded to me. Her music is vague and strange. I've read some of the lyrics and she sounds like she's ecumenical with songs like "we are the kingdom". And then there's the "be born in me". Whatever...sounds wishy-washy to me.

  48. I'm in Lagos, Nigeria. Casting Crowns, Michael W Smith and Third Day are all Satan-influenced, thus occult, Illuminati. So also is our own "I know who I am" Sinachi. We know her life before and as she joined Chris Oyakhilome in 1994/1995 while I ministered in Christ Embassy Choir before God opened my eyes to Chris' doctrines, manner of life with women and all his diabolic manipulations and persecutions of anyone in whom he and his cohorts see God's Holy Spirit and Fire in..

  49. Not evident at first sight if you don't pay attention to details. If it was one little thing on just one album cover, I wouldn't say but masonic symbols seem to appear on every single album that singer made. I don't need more to get the message.

    Symbols (and also words, phrases and body signs) are important to the Illuminati because that's how they recognize each other in today's business; they need to know who is part of their gimmick in order to give them the best jobs, positions, contracts, etc. The music industry (like many others) is highly involved in the System. These guys are not interested into dealing with christian believers (at least not true ones). It's the Beast! Yes, the devil has also his "chosen ones".

    Masonic/Illuminati symbols (and also wiccan symbols) are used by a large number of societies, domains, companies and organizations but pay attention because you will also find them in many so-called "christian churches", ministries and websites. Beware! Stay away from them unless you want to be partaker of their impending judgement.

    I saw many comments here from people giving as an excuse that it's ok since "Chris Tomlin is a great singer and artist". Hey, what do you expect? Do you think Satan is going to use untalented people or bad music to achieve his goal? He's the master of deception, of seduction and counterfeit faith.

  50. Umm... I've heard of the deceptions and lies ...yes as the years pass... more evil the days are... but I do want to know whether the song "Lord I need you" is demonic or not. I feel thankful for the website to warn again our brothers and sisters to be alert and not take everything with eyes closed.

  51. The devil is getting the world ready for his beloved Antichrist.Evidently Chris Tomlin is already singing praises to him.

  52. Thank you for this article. I always wondered about him since I heard him do a song with Lecrae. Lecrae is definitely not a Christian! He has said so himself! Chris also did a cover for Bono of U2. Bono is a known satanist and likes homosexuality. Bono is the one that started that Coexist junk with different symbols making up the letters in Coexist. I was skeptical at first but not any more. Chris is definitely of the Catholic/ecumenical/Illuminati movement. Any one who willing associates with Lecrae, Bono or even Hillsong has got to be Illuminati! Hillsong likes to teach that "allah" is the same as YHWH. Blasphemy! Six step records...they could've easily called it seven step records! I found this while browsing for evidence against CCM artists:
    You should check it out. It seems most artists on that list appear to be Catholic. I know Matt Maher is and if you pay attention to his lyrics, you can tell he is. Matt is good friends with Chris. David Crowder is too. He's Catholic and likes to do Gregorian chanting.
    Folks, it is best to just stick with old-fashioned church hymns! The CCM scene is turning churches into worldly ecumenical churches that no longer spread the Gospel but rather preach "kingdom now" theology. Once the churches allow modern music into their doors, then they began to allow in the doctrines those lyrics and artists preach. The Great Apostasy is here! Which means the Antichrist is close and the Rapture even closer! Be ready! Watch and Pray!

    To those who think Chris or other artists like him are still okay after seeing the evidence: Please know that Satan can appear as an angel of light and his followers as ministers of righteousness. 2 Cor 11:13-15

  53. Shalom

    Todah (thanks) for the great article and update. The SPIRIT has chellanged me on various lines you mentioned. Wow great confirmation. Someone asked who or which artist can we listen to I ask the same, but found that our hearts are the instrument GOD listens too.

    I am worshipper, songwriter and musician, but found that GOD listens to my heart not my instrument. So making melody in my heart and singing in psalms really blesses me. I also listen Messianic music which really blesses me as it's not emotionally charged but inspired by the WORD. At time an entire Psalm is turned into a song.

  54. Excellent expose! It is sad to see so many deceptive artists on the CCM music scene. One must really wonder how close we really are to the return of Jesus? Just to add some more proof check out the following link at 1:08 you will see the Newsboys lead singer giving the satanic hand sign. Oh and in one of the earlier comments I noticed some one mentioned the pastor Louis Giglio. He is a Pope worshipping false teacher 0:52

  55. Can i direct message you?Kindly provide an email.thank you.

    In desperate need to share some details.

  56. I have read most of the comments here but seems there is a fierce argument between those for Chris Tomblin and against. I have watched some of the pictures and a video but things seems clearer against Tomblin. We are Christians all almost who commenting here. All that I want to say is be vigilant as the Bible says about the end times. You cannot keep arguing here concerning these gospel musicians because the devil is taking over the weak and those who are caught unaware. It can either be through same sheep-wolved christians who came to them as friends or same Christians or gospel musicians. Even in my country here,some gospel musicians go to these fetish priests(juju men) for cuttings on their tongues to enable them sing very well to attract crowd,fame,opportunities and money(John 12, Romans 1,Exodus 34,Deut 13:1-10,John 1:1-13 and many more).

    For God gives gift to anyone he please without taking it back. If not, there wouldn't be gospel musicians anymore after one sins against God. Remember the talent in Matthew. You only account for it. God says he will be gracious to whom he will be gracious and will be compassionate to whom He will have compassion(Exodus 33:19. Let's be careful. The devil gives talent too for his worshippers to please him. Pray for discernment, that is very vital(James 1). There are weaker spirits there so the devil can overpower them easily despite singing gospel music or whatever. Music has the strength and power to change your mood,emotion,mindset and your heart so be careful whoever you are and whom you listen to. David threw evil spirits away whenever they came closer to God. God closed Michael's womb because of blasphemy when David sang and was naked without knowing(because his mind,heart and spirit was not fleshly then). Music and singing brought down the walls of Jericho. The devil himself sang to God up there in heaven. Music can distort and ungulf you.

    Jesus Christ is just here. I myself has missed the train or to say the rapture for the second time in my dreams. First dream occured sixteen years ago and the second one occured just 21st of September 2016. Imagine the day which is 21st and my dreaming happening in the 21st century. The first one happened in the year 2000 which is exactly century.I have weep so hard that i prayed to God to be merciful to me and save me. I have been a football fan and recently listening much to political shows but they are all evil. Seek Jesus Christ and live. In my second dream, i saw the Spirit of God leaving American like a white-winged drone being pursued by several less white-winged drones which eventually turned into demonic angels flying down to earth. Things might seem very normal to you in christianity sense but PLEASE AND PLEASE BEWARE!!! BE EXTREMELY VIGILANT! Whatever the Word has said is true and they are all happening sequentially and catching most of us unaware.

    Hell is not a pretty place my brothers and sisters. TRUST NO ONE except Jesus Christ. Read your BIBLE and PRAY TO GOD ALONE. The Bible says, in the last days,some will sway from the FAITH to follow DOCTRINES(philosophy) of men. If He(GOD) does not shorten the days, no ONE(flesh) shall be saved. It tells us how things will swing. What the writer posted here might be true or untrue. It is just a matter of WATCH OUT! DO NO BE DECEIVED. The Bible says the devil is very crafty, canny and any name you can give it and so is his accomplices. Let is pray for them and all christians all over the world. Some call or mention Jesus ONLY to show they are for him and from him. But there is Baal Jesus in Acts. Others mention or call Christ but ANTI-CHRIST they may be referring to. Others mention all the name JESUS CHRIST but they are or may not come from him. It is just a matter of being VIGILANT and AWARE. ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD. The Word says, BE SWIFT TO HEAR... NOT ALL WHO CALL, MENTION OR SAY THE NAME LORD LORD SHALL ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD BUT THOSE WHO DOES THE WILL OF THE FATHER. BEWARE!!!

  57. so who should we listen to?

    1. Just pray...Abba will show you....He is sowing me.....

  58. This is great information and conformation for me. I am a Torah observant Believer in Messiah Yeshua...(Whom you all call jesus) No judgement. The Father has had me looking into these christian music artists for a couple of months now. I have found that Third Day is bad...there are occult symbols all over their album covers. Obviously, as already mentioned...MIchael W. Smith, Toby Mac, Newsboys (DC Talk-which includes Michael Tate and Kevin Max) and Hillsong. (I would say that I don't think the original Hillsong music is corrupted- I have that many have left because of the direction things have gone) And let's not leave out Amy Grant, who is big time into the occult and has been said to be a witch. Then there is Skillet, Jesus Culture (Kim Walker Smith and Misty Edwards- very new age), Brian and Jenn Johnson (senior worship pastors at Bethel Church- also very new agey (and are still under my microscope) and The Afters. Still in question but are not looking good is Switchfoot, Jeremy CAmp, for King and Country, Needtobreathe, Casting Crowns and David Crowder (of whom it was said somewhere above that he is catholic?). There are many more that I have to inspect like Mercy Me, Matthew West, Jars Of Clay, Sonic Flood (90's), oh my many more. The ones I have looked at and seem to be ok are Kari Jobe (although she was in attendance at the ecumenical "Together 2016" this past July in Washington DC... I'm hoping she is just ignorant and am praying for her eyes to see the Truth), Santus Real looks ok, Tenth Avenue North and Steven Curtis Chapman. Now I could be wrong but I don't see any occult symbols on their album covers. But that's not the 'end all be all' in proving they are part of the occult or not. Then of course, there are all the newcomers and not so prominent christian artists that I won't get into naming. I'm on a mission to be obedient and check them all out but am not trying to reinvent the wheel here. That's how I cam across this sight. I was looking into Chris Tomlin's Album covers and notice some very questionable symbols. Now has anyone seen the cover of his latest album where he is only showing one eye? The title is "Never Lose Sight" Now he's really putting it out there, big time. Sure sign of the illuminati! There is another picture of him that was obviously taken at the same time as the picture on the album cover because he has the same shirt on. In both picture, his eyes are very creepy. They look like lizard or reptilian eyes. It could be the lighting, but still, it's really creepy looking. OK, So I just want to say thank you 'Emperor Under The King' for making my search a bit easier. I so wish it weren't true, because on the surface Tomlin comes across as a great worship leader. I have a ton of his songs on my playlist, but they will be taken off immediately. Thanks for the input from everyone else as well.

  59. Am shocked beyond words coz av been abig fun of Chris Tomlin,hillsong and many more already mentioned.don't knw whether to bliv in any religion any more.......amean this are the artists n men of God whom we consider as the best christian role models.